Skiathos Villas Holidays


The lively nightlife of Skiathos is of course concentrated in Skiathos Town along the portside, where you can find a lot of bars.
In the streets of Papadiamanti, the waterfront, the Politecniou and Evangelistra streets and above the Three Bishops cathedral;s square you’ll discover that if you were looking for a wide choice of nightlife, Skiathos town has a good number of options you may choose from whatever your taste of entertainment is.

Ten more reasons why you should visit us

If you walk past the new port and along the street that’s parallel to the sea you will get to the bar and night clubs street which is situated quite close to the airport.
Walk past some restaurants locate right above the shore, and then you’re in nightclub mecca.!!
There are about 10-15 big clubs and bars lined up along the shore with seating areas facing skiathos harbor .
All have different themes and are impressively decorated.
Palm trees, velvet curtains, water pipes and mirrored walls you will see it all !! Very busy in the high season , and definitely the place for dancing


Not convinced already?