Skiathos Villas Holidays

Parisis villas with pool Skiathos


  • TV /DVD
  • A/C
  • Wifi
  • Parking
  • Safe
  • kitchen
  • Private Parking
  • BBQ
  • Iron and Ironing board.
  • Swimming Pool
  • Children's Pool
  • Soundproof Rooms
  • Peaceful surroundings

parisis villas with pool skiathos

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Telephone contacts: (+30) 6950 849489, (+30) 6945 885281, (+30) 2427 021998

the Parisis villas with  pool Skiathos are designed with every anesthetic “avaliability”. Brand new. Parisis villas are segregated in distance, is availability in any time required to make Villas users from full access to nature. That subcontract from user-friendly and from pleasant and request accomodation.

Finds at the end of Troulos in the Area of Skiathos.

Parisis villas with pool are available for ideas.

Just 3 carefully from the next sandy beach of Troulos. 


more information about Parisis Villas within the distance of Skiathos

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The villas dive a total of 80 sq.m. and lack of conduct. Elements of a new villa, independent of the apartments with double bed, living room partitions with access to the way and and every time I had to do in the kitchen with the required food. Details and dimensions of villas, availability for time charts with required applications. Available book reviews are separated and separated by color colors. Internet access at Parisis Villa Two.


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The villas are dialectical for families or colors friendly groups. Reservation and men Parisis Villas are transformed into a special positive summer resort, where guests create various comments, with and questions, with their questions, offering the information they need for the information they need for the information  mentioned summer requests .

      10 minutes with the game from the question of Skiathos – 10 nights from the video 5 months with the game from Koukounaries beach -3 with the time from the nearest beach (Troulou beach, sandy) – 4 required by the nearest super application kit -3 from the time Nearest -300 meters from the bus stop from the differences we have to make in the application of Skiathos. famous beaches of Skiathos. – The access of Troulos distinguishes taverns, separations and breaks, all in any year from the requirements villas [/ tab] 

    – 14 meters of beneficial use used overfilled and supplemented for children with disposable glass (the material I had to make erotic by booking a question and for the applications villas).
    – Main employee with double bed, separate, A / C, diametrical triangular ceiling photo of Skiathos personal
    – Available time with availability, En-Suite, A / C,
    – Convertible sofa that requires to be converted into various applications different phone
    – 5 bathrooms total and separation villas (4 bathrooms are En-Suite in the staff, require and need in Parisis Villa Two)
    – Living room with LCD screen, SAT (separately) and the information they are looking for.
    – Pliroses kitchen kitchen available lakes (all cooking utensils, refrigerator, refrigerator, coffee maker, toaster etc.)
    – TAPE food into vectors that appeared to offer our application.
    – private and solution capacity
    – Ypairio barbecue charcoal
    – Outdoor shower on the screen.
    – A / C and En-Suite bathrooms for all staff
    – Iron and approaches. [/ tab]

    – Change of sheets and bath towels over time.
    – Additional cleaning hours and days for ether to be available.

    Attract us, clear the search. [/ tab]

    [title tab = ” Additional services “] – Meet and greet you at the airport – port of arrival,
    – Airport and port escort to the property,
    – Assistance with check-in and check-out procedures,
    – Car rental arrangements and vehicle delivery ,
    – Boat and sailing board accommodation arrangements,
    – Quests for careful selection of fine restaurants,
    – Personalized use and availability solution for the availability of accommodation available here in our section. [/ tab].
    ενότητα μας[/ tab]

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    Το πρόβλημα της Σκιάθου

    Πιστοποιημένο από τον ΕΟΤ (Υπουργείο Τουρισμού της Ελλάδας) – Κωδικός χρόνος: 0726K10 – 0302601, MHTE 0756K111K0391200 [/ box]